Who is dale jr dating now 2016

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Meet the one and only Amy Reimann, aka Amy Reinhardt; she is the beautiful wife of Dale Earnhardt Jr.

This stunning NASCAR Wag is pregnant with Dale’s first child, but he said they are not going to name their child Dale Earnhardt III.

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He suffered a concussion back in 2016 that forced him to miss roughly half the season -- but he's since returned to the track and now the retirement tour begins. Look at three to four years of races and you’ll see the same guys getting themselves—or someone else—into trouble. I’ve been with Nationwide Insurance ever since I got my driver’s license. In the commercial script, I was supposed to get my dogs to speak on cue—but they’re not trained, so it wouldn’t work.I think it’s about how you’re raised—your values and morals help you make split decisions. We rewrote it on the spot so they could do whatever they wanted—which is what they always do! The future spouses announced the news via Twitter on Wednesday, June 17.opened up about their relationship back in February.

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