Speed dating urban dictionary

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You've heard of speed-dating, an organized event attended by dozens of single people who talk briefly to potential partners and decide whether they might want to see any of them again.

Combine this with the idea of making professional, rather than romantic, contacts, and what do you get? in a typical speed networking event, people are given five minutes or less to talk to a potential contact, and are then moved on Speed networking is based on the idea that the usual way businesses, especially small businesses, gain new contacts or clients is by so-called – meeting to talk to people and exchange ideas.

Like before it, speed networking has in recent months proven very popular on both sides of the Atlantic, leading to the establishment of dedicated websites such as

A related countable noun speed networker describes participants, although there is as yet only limited evidence for an intransitive verb speed network.

Sam and Delia frated for few weeks, but they realized it was not going to work out between them because he realized she was quite manipulative.

The act of informing one's peers on the texture, consistency, length, and general description of the sick dump they just took.

The Bristol Stool Scale is the preferred nomenclature for any dumpdates given.

The organisers then swap contact information between matches - usually an email address or mobile phone number.

Speed dating apparently started in New York, and was popularised by TV show ' Sex In The City'.

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