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Her: omg Takeru is soo cool Me: uh huh I didn't really motivated to watch it since historical/traditional setting isn't my taste. Until Kamiki showed up and I fell in love with him at first sight (which is quite late in the movie). (didn't know the name yet) Her: whattt so you like him not Kenshin?? He can change into a lot of person at once, from a serious guy to a cute, lively guy. ^.^ One of the gems who is there, not juz because of his looks. and when i find out, two of them are the same person. He is someone who works hard at his job, even if it is not a lead role.

Me: he's better than Kenshin tho lmao I have been a big fan of yours.

I have watched Rurouni Kenshin, SPEC: Heaven , SPEC: Incarnation, SPEC: Reincarnation, etc. At first I couldn't recognize his voice in Kimi no Na Wa, but when I stayed to the credits, I instantly knew it was him. He is so kawaii and I hope to meet him in real life!

I am no ordinary fan to you, I can say this an experience I will keep for such, such occurrence I might not experience again.

Miki feels that nobody is on her side, and almost decides to give up the baby.

But she suddenly realizes and says to herself:“Everyone is against me except for one person, the one who is inside me;my baby!

To say it dearly, thank you for such wonderful time.

Her family and relatives worry about what others will say.

It is an honor talking with you at this very moment.

Amuse Entertainment has such huge success because of your amazing talent. He is excellent as a voice actor, I can compare him with Yoshino Hiroyuki.

” Miki finally decides to keep the baby, and flees home to find a place to give birth peacefully.

Hayo Miyazaki, the great Japanese animator, has often looked west for his story-telling inspiration.

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