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control to make an input control a mandatory field.The input control fails validation if the value it contains does not change from its initial value when validation is performed.

So lets attach a basic Required Field Validator control to this Drop Down List since we want to make sure a value has been specified: This validator displays an * next to the control itself and the error message is getting piped over to a Validator Summary control (not shown).Typically when I’m working with Drop Down Lists on my web pages, I like to add a “Select…” option to the list to prompt the user for a value.I could always specify a default value when loading the page, but more often than not it adds to the confusion for my end users.I've encountered an issue with JIRA validator's not working properly - I have setup transitions that have a validator of 'Field Required' = 'Comment' for status changes.Pretty standard setup for defect status transitions.

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