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If that does not resolve the issue, I wonder if you have hidden one or more tabs that relate to the reminder, like hiding the Investing tab would hide investment related reminders.

I was having this same issue in 2016 and upgraded to 2017 and still having this issue. Everything shows paid or reconciled and still show 21 bills overdue.

This well-built money manager is easy enough for novices yet powerful enough for veteran number crunchers, although it feels like a warmed-over version of last year's model with a few helpful enhancements.

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For 0, Quicken Premier Home & Business aims to serve entrepreneurs who want to manage their personal and business finances with one program.

Many of you did just that, and we bundled your questions and ours into an email message that we sent to the 17 developers of the possible Quicken replacement packages that we listed in the article.

Nine of the developers have responded, and we have collated their responses, which we present below.

If there are any mistakes, just let us know and we’ll fix them.

In what follows, we have organized the questions into topics of interest, and presented the responses in the order in which they landed in our inbox.

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