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The understated and the nuanced become classics while the ostentatious become punchlines. If you could take any two colors on the color wheel, combine any two letters from ROY G BIV's name, orange and violet would probably be the least palatable option.

The Tigers' jerseys in this combo aren't violet, but actually a darker, uglier, less complimentary shade.

As if you thought it couldn't get any worse in Cleveland, the worst jersey on our list got a makeover to something that is probably uglier than the original. The Bucs went from the sissy creamsicle look of the 1970s and ’80s to the badass pewter pirate look of the late ’90s and last decade and for some reason messed up a good thing with this bastardized combination of both looks.

How ugly are these uniforms, with a splash of orange now mixed in alongside the red and pewter?

This classic Lady Liberty emblem, set against a dark navy backdrop, is an all-time fan favorite, and stood out among the cartoonish graphics that plagued the NHL youth movement of the late-90s (see: the New York Islanders, Anaheim Mighty Ducks, Phoenix Coyotes). After watching the London team don these as throwbacks in the lead-up to last summer's Games, it's a wonder they ever changed the jersey at all.However, it was also disappointing to many Wolverine fans because Michigan is one of the few Division I college football teams sponsored by Adidas and not Nike.The spread of this image led to a bigger debate of who has better jerseys: Nike or Adidas?The helmet does less with more, blending colors and logos into one easy-to-swallow image. The famous "G" on the helmet looks wrong set against silver, and also—why the hell is there silver to begin with? The one to its right, however, is objectively atrocious.This isn't the year 2050 in some low-budget sci-fi movie: Metallic tones don't need to be part of every team's color palette. The helmet looks like one of those metallic Pop Tart wrappers—Marylanders claim to have the best state flag, which is an odd source of pride because most people don't even know what their state flag looks like.

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