Gemini woman dating a pisces man

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Gemini has a lot of creative potential, but isn’t exactly in search for their one and only true love in order to have sex.

Still, there is a big chance they won’t even recognize each other as sexual beings or keep a distance from each other if they do.Gemini will have to realize the truth behind their own emotional nature and give in to true intimacy, while Pisces will have to accept the differences of their partner instead of searching for a soulmate with predefined qualities.Trust is already a weak spot in almost every relationship these two can have and when they get together, there is a chance they will have no idea how to create any trust between them.The Pisces man is a dreamer who gets lost in the world he creates for himself.Neither sign is known for being grounded so as a couple they could appear a bit flaky and convoluted.

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