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So before you run off and do mandatory escaping, explore few Dating Don’ts and save your date.

Do you wonder in spite of being all set for Date, why you end up at sixes and sevens?

It’s been seven years since rom-com queen Kate Hudson left tampons in Matthew Mc Conaughey’s apartment in “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”.

As a young teen, you watched Andie give Ben a love fern, drag him to a Celine Dion concert and you swore you’d never make the same mistakes.

Announcing Your Love to the World Slow down girlfriend — don’t change that relationship status on Facebook quite yet.’ This is one of the most important datings don’ts that you must follow. Don’t bathe in perfume Of course, this is for someone who drives/ borrows someone’ s car. But if you are a filthy animal then take 10 minutes to clean the car, take out that Cheetos underneath the seat. Here are some of the most common dating don’ts I see clients, friends and family commit across gender lines.A date generally means two people getting together. How are you supposed to connect with someone if you are a glance away from being connected to EVERYONE?

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