Dating in swaziland

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We are still waiting,” said Ambrose Zwane, Lubombo community radio coordinator.

Zwane is currently working together with several others to advocate for licensing and to seek technical skills, equipment and funding for the community radio sector.

According to the network, community media, radio in particular, and new media have a history in Swaziland dating back to the 1990s and 2000s.

“We were one of the first applicants to the authorities for a community radio license more than 15 years ago.

“The women of Swaziland therefore affirm all our rights as citizens as provided for in the various women’s human rights instruments that Swaziland is party to, as well as the provisions of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Swaziland, including but not limited to; 1. The right to determine a marriage partner of choice as well as the age of marriage 5. The right to full opportunities for employment with equal pay and possibilities of promotion in all spheres of work 11.

The right to choose the legal regime under which to marry 6. The right to participate in the planning, management and preservation of the environment and the use of natural resources 12.

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On Friday, Swazis will go to the polls for parliamentary elections which critics say will change nothing since political parties are banned and the king retains absolute control over his subjects.Recognising the inadequacy of the legal system in its current state to appropriately address cases of domestic violence, rape, maintenance of children, inheritance and other matters that affect women’s lives, the charter is mindful that the laws relied upon are archaic having historically been formulated for women by men and are not informed by the genuine needs of those they are intended to protect, with some laws pre-dating Swaziland’s independence of 1968.It is nevertheless cognisant of the strides and efforts taken by the country to promote the rights of women, and to mitigate the hardships faced by women, children and persons living with disability, while also acknowledging the need to ensure that women attain full realisation and enjoyment of their rights. The right to equal matrimonial and proprietarily rights within a marriage 4.So the socially conscious Badu is being called a hypocrite and accused of endorsing Mswati’s “political agenda.” she had no knowledge of Swaziland’s “political climate,” but went in as an innocent entertainer invited to perform by Jacob “the Jeweler” Arabov, and ended up giving her earnings to “all the servants in the house.” The neo-soul singer took to Twitter (@fatbellybella, y’all) to further defend her character and claim she’s being used by critics to carry out their own political plans. RELATED: NAS ON 'TIME IS ILLMATIC' AND A RAP WORLD WITHOUT BLOGS Kelis Talks Splitting from Nas and Dating Post-Divorce Ms.Kelis is still full off the release of her latest album, .

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