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My parents just did not stand for any of it, and there would be corporal punishment, by hand or by belt, if you disobeyed.Once, my younger sister, about 8 at the time, got as a gift.Now that my daughter, Emmy, is the same age my sister was at the time, I just can’t conceive of spanking her for losing . I can’t remember the infractions that earned me spankings. Then I’d hear my mother relay the crime to my dad, and up he would come to my room, take off his belt and spank me with it. Especially since I’m giving this essay to my mom for her to read. I just can’t think of anything I ever did that was heinous enough to be beaten with a belt by my dad.

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The more you pay attention to that [kind of behavior], the worse it gets.” The mom of two also revealed that she’s not down with spanking her kids, either. Kirstie Alley on never spanking: "I have amazing children.Now I’ve noticed that some other mutual friends with children have also unfriended me. A: I’ll be honest—I had never heard of this tradition, and had to look it up to verify that it’s, apparently, kind of a thing, or was once upon a time.Probably it is for the best that this custom is diminishing in popularity!Mallory Ortberg, aka Dear Prudence, is online weekly to chat live with readers. (Sign up below to get Dear Prudence delivered to your inbox each week. Not a pervert: At a friend’s daughter’s birthday party, I commented that the birthday girl still needed a birthday spanking.My friend kicked me out of the party, and I soon discovered that she had unfriended and blocked me on social media.

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